#STEP-01: INSTALL TERMUX (https://play.google.com/store/apps/de… 



1) pkg upgrade 

2) pkg update 

3) pkg install git 

4) pkg install python 

5) pkg install python2 

6) pkg install pip 

7) pkg install pip3 

8) git clone https://github.com/IlayTamvan/Report 

9) ls 

10) cd Report 

11) ls 

12) unzip Report.zip 

13) python Report.py 

14) (paste the target numeric id and hit enter)

#STEP-3: copy the targeted facebook id url and transform it into #facebook #numeric id (https://commentpicker.com/find-facebo…)

#STEP-4: Paste and hit enter and enjoy reporting || Thank You

**Only for educational purpose**

**If you don’t understand anything then comment down below**

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