1.  First go to your search panel on your desktop and search for command prompt or you can do that by only pressing ” win + r ” → type ” cmd ” → hit enter.

 2.  After opening cmd type, ” netsh wlan show profile “

 3.  Then you can see the connected Wi-Fi with your computer.

 4.  Now type targeted network name, for example here my targeted name is “Ladiees fashion”. So, for type space in cmd we will type a “? mark instead. ” netsh wlan show profile Ladies?fashion “

 5.  If the network have a “Wi-Fi Password” then it will show “Security Key = Present “

 6.  Now type ” netsh wlan show profile Ladies?fashion key=clear ” to show password.

 7.  Here you go. Now can see the Wi-Fi Password and more details. Enjoy.

This is only for educational purpose. I & my team will not be responsible for any unethical charges

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